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  • Rock Oil Agri-Guard Suto 10w40

    Rock Oil Agri-Guard Suto 10w40

    AGRI-GUARD® SUTO 10W-30 & 10W-40 are synthetic blend, extra high performance, multi-functional lubricants for most farm equipment applications. These lubricants provide excellent performance in turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel engines, gasoline engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, and oil-immersed brakes operating in agricultural service.
  • Synthesis 4 Sport 5w30 Engine Oil

    Synthesis 4 Sport 5w30 Engine Oil

    Rock Oil Synthesis 4 Sport is a high performance, reduced ash engine oil based on fully synthetic formulations. It is suitable for use in all petrol and diesel powered vehicles where performance and viscosity grades are appropriate.
  • Varlube S Slideway and Machinery Lubricant

    Varlube S Slideway and Machinery Lubricant

    Varlube S range from Varol Lubricants are slideway and machinery lubricants available in a range of viscosity grades to meet the requirements of all vertical and horizontal machine tool slideways. Tyne and Wear Oils stock the two most popular grades: 68S and 220S.

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Choosing the right oil for your car or workshop machine can be confusing. Tyne & Wear Oils can help you cut through the confusing 'code names' and help you find the correct grade of oil at a price you are happy with. We stock and supply oil for a range of sectors, from the latest Ford engine oil to aviation grade hydraulic oil and everything in between. Where expensive branded oil is not necessary, we will let you know cost-effective alternatives.