Premium Gold 5w30 Synthetic C3 Engine Oil

Product code: ZL/EOA/17/020
Premium Gold 5w30 C3 Engine Oil is a Low SAPS SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil for Euro 5 and 6 engines for normal and extended drain intervals.

Treat your engine – and your wallet - to some Premium Gold

One of our most popular 5w30 C3 fully synthetic engine oils just became an even BETTER deal! 20L of premium quality 5w30 engine oil is usually an eye-watering amount, but here at Tyne & Wear Oils we specialise in larger industrial size quantities.

Until our pallet stock depletes, we can offer High Performance Low SAPS 5w30 Synthetic Engine Oil @ £34 per 20L drum. We called it Premium Gold for a reason – premium grade and golden colour!

Here’s the spec: decide for yourself –

Premium Gold 5w/30 is a Low SAPS SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil for Euro 5 and 6 engines for normal and extended drain intervals.

Premium Gold 5w/30 engine oil is for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with normally aspirated or turbo-charged gasoline, LPG or diesel Euro 5 & 6 engines requiring Low SAPS engine oil.

Premium Gold 5w/30 engine oil has been developed for GM Opel Euro 5 and 6 engines requiring GM Dexos 2 engine oil specification as well as other major engine manufacturers. The specification is particularly suited to vehicles equipped with anti-pollution systems such as diesel particulate filters where its low SAPS levels will greatly prolong the lifetime of the filter. It is also suitable for other types of diesel engines as well as petrol engines.

Features & Benefits of Tyne & Wear Oils Premium Gold 5w30 Engine Oil:

  • Provides extended oil drain intervals and reduces maintenance costs
  • Low SAPS formulation protecting Exhaust Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Excellent engine cleanliness and wear protection increasing engine durability
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption

Not exactly when they’re gone they’re gone, but the price will go up – and that’s reason enough to stock up, right?


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Weight 18kg
Product Code ZL/EOA/17/020
Brand Tyne & Wear Oils